Anon Robin

NFT Launch of Anon Robin. An NFT community and platform with advanced trading tools.

What we worked on

PR Services

Featuring the project on the biggest crypto and business publications

Social Media Management

Strategic editorial line increasing the audience's desire for the product

Go-to-Market Strategy

Identifying narratives, channels and tactics to spread the message


Strategy and execution of advertising campaigns on Twitter and Crypto networks


Anon Robin came to us 6 weeks before the launch of their NFT collection. The team created a platform where holders could get access to insights from the most exclusive NFT communities and advanced NFT trading tools.

The first thing we did was work on the brand’s positioning. Because this was a utility-focused NFT, we had to identify the benefits of buying the NFT and come up with smart narratives that we could leverage throughout the launch on our social media, advertising, discord, and PR efforts.


We structured the entire go-to-market strategy and worked side-by-side with Anon Robin’s team to execute it. PR was essential to attract a lot of attention initially, and advertising allowed us to bring in qualified buyers at a predictable and scalable cost.

Our work on social media was focused on increasing the audience’s desire by acknowledging their pain points and pointing to the product as the solution.

“You are not making money trading NFTs because you don’t have access to the best projects before they blow up.”

This is an example of one of the most powerful narratives of the entire campaign and eventually became the strategy behind the main website headline. 

One of our audience’s biggest frustrations was that they would only find out the best NFT projects when it was already too late to get in and make a profit – our product was the solution, and we made sure to create an editorial line that took this into account.

The results




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